Representation That Can Secure The Justice You Need and Deserve. 


The police need to be held accountable when they use excessive force and people are injured. No one deserves to have his or her rights violated. We are all persons who share the same protections under the law. If you have been injured by Metro and/or any other local law enforcement agency, we can help you pursue justice and the full compensation you deserve. 


People can be injured during/in: 


  • Initial stops 


  • Arrests 


  • Searches 


  • Holding cells 


Anywhere the police have control over you can be the site of excessive force. Injuries can include: 


  • Broken bones 


  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) 


  • Spine injuries 


  • Gunshot wounds 


  • Taser injuries 

How Do You Successfully Sue The Police For Excessive Force? 


Knowing where to look for compelling evidence is one of the keys to building a strong case. Medical records, criminal files, surveillance video, bystander videos on cellphones and other sources can all provide the background necessary to show that the police used force beyond what the situation called for. F. TRAVIS BUCHANAN, ESQ., & ASSOCIATES, PLLC has experience working on cases involving individuals who have alleged that they have been brutalized by the police. 


The Help You Need When Your Civil Rights Have Been Violated 


At F. TRAVIS BUCHANAN, ESQ., & ASSOCIATES, PLLC, we are committed to helping people take action after they were injured by police use of excessive force. Attorney F. Travis Buchanan has experience defending police departments, and now he focuses on helping those whose rights have been violated by the police. Our extensive experience in building these kinds of cases allows us to offer our clients representation that can secure the compensation and justice they need. 


Everyone who has been the victim of the police using excessive force deserves representation that can truly help them.



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