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The number of accidents and fatalities that involve commercial trucks is increasing every year. If you or a loved one has been directly affected by a disastrous collision involving a truck, you should immediately consult an attorney with experience handling truck accident cases. 


F. TRAVIS BUCHANAN, ESQ., & ASSOCIATES, PLLC is committed to providing injured persons or their representatives with appropriate legal guidance. Should you need to file a suit in order to receive the reimbursement or compensation you deserve, we can even represent you in a court of law. 


Professional Truck Accident Attorney Services Available 24/7! 


Before you provide any statements to insurance companies or sign any settlement documents, you should immediately consult an experience handling truck accident cases. We understand that acting quickly is extremely important in these kinds of situations, so we offer 24/7 access to our team. While determining who is responsible for the accident and who is liable for the damages may take some time, we can help you start protecting your interests and future today. 


Claims for Different Types of Truck Accidents 


When the driver of an 18-wheel truck loses control while on the road, it can result in serious and scary consequences. From catastrophic injury to wrongful death, your family may be facing the lifelong effects of a negligent driver. We utilize drivers’ logs, truck information, and public records to help establish grounds for a successful claim against the other party. We have experience representing clients involved in accidents involving commercial trucks, in both Nevada and California.

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